Higher National Diploma (HND) Programmes

HND Forestry Technology
HND Animal Production Technology
HND Agricultural Extension and Management
HND Crop Production
HND Horticulture and Landscape Technology

National Diploma Programmes

ND Animal Health and Production
ND Agricultural Technology
ND Computer Science
ND Forestry Technology
ND Wildlife and Eco-Tourism Management
ND Fisheries Technology
ND Home and Rural Economics
ND Horticultural Technology
ND Statistics

Diploma Programmes

Diploma Enviromental and Land Resources Management
Diploma Computer Studies
Diploma Livestock Management and Production

PRE-ND (Science and Technology)

Certificates Programmes

Cert. Forest Overseer
Cert. Poultry Production
Cert. Computer Studies
Cert. Forest Guards
Cert. Animal Health and Production
Cert. Agricultural Technology
Cert. Bee Keeping
Cert. Fisheries Technology
Cert. Home and Rural Economics